SOCIAL MEDIA REVIVING THE COMMUNITY SPIRIT “Community spirit has almost vanished in modern Britain with few people prepared to look out for their neighbours and 70% admitting they do not even know their neighbours names”[1] The most affected by  this lack of community spirit and change in family life are the elderly.
Here are a few tips when buying or selecting clothing for an elderly relative or friend 1. Measure them, as their size and shape alters in later life. 2. Select loose fiiting, easy to wear garments. various parts of the body swell intemittently and clothing should not cause constrictions. 3. Trousers and skirts should have elasticated waistbands.  4. All clothing should be front or side fastening, and buttons should be large. 5. Bras should be front fastening and if possible they should be encouraged to wear a camisole instead of a bra.
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I have the highest regard for Marina Allen and her recent care she gave both my elderly parents and the way she went on to care for my whole family during a very distressing episode over the past few months.  We found Marina about 5 months ago, just as my family was descending into a crisis point. My father had been diagnosed with a very aggressive terminal cancer and my mother, who has a mental illness was starting to deteriorate also.